We respect our home, and yours

We respect our home, and yoursAll furniture boards used to make INKO products come from sustainable forests. Inko has been working for years to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We have been eliminating materials and processes that have a negative impact on the planet.

INKO carries out environmental monitoring on all of its production processes. Waste management is carried out by an authorised waste manager.

We have designated areas with skips to ensure that we adequately dispose of the following by-products: cardboard, plastic, wood and its derivatives, solvents and varnishes.

Emissions of dust and harmful particles are controlled, being reduced by means of aspiration systems throughout the production factory.


We require our furniture board suppliers to be MFC certified to ensure they are environmentally friendly. The raw materials used to produce these boards are forest wood, industrial wood and recycled wood.

Batches of recycled wood undergo strict inspections for halogenated organic compounds upon receipt.

Chipboards do not contain halogen organic hardeners. Monitoring of wood and the boards made of said wood is carried out in specially designed environmental laboratories and is subject to monitoring by impartial external institutions. Our furniture boards do not contain active substances from wood preservatives above the approved concentration and comply with current chemical regulations. The formaldehyde content of Innovus MFC boards corresponds to emission class E1, as a general rule. CARB2/TSCA-quality productions are specially made to order.The Innovus MFC board coating is not hazardous; it is made out of decorative papers that have been coated in melamine resin. When pressed using pressure and heat, the previously condensed melamine resin dries completely and can no longer be dissolved in water or solvents. Only organic colouring pigments and titanium dioxide (TiO2) are used in the design of the white decorative items.


INKO is certified by the ISO14001 family of Environmental Management, which guarantees that we are actively committed to reducing the environmental impact of all our operations. The ISO14001 certification verifies that INKO carries out its operations minimising the generation of waste, as well as reducing our raw material consumption.

The certification verifies the firm's commitment to protecting and continuously improving the environment, as well as ensuring that the company makes a conscientious effort to protect the environment in all its operations, thanks to the implementation of our environmental management system.

The ISO 14001 certification corroborates INKO's compliance with environmental legislation and policies and ensures that the company will maintain, revise and modify environmental objectives in order to continuously improve our environmental policy.

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The logotype of environmental commitment is the culmination of an internal awareness process that began with a market demand and was implemented through regulatory agency homologation, but which has now become embedded in our corporate culture, causing us to reflect, be aware, and act as a result, so that the environmental impacts of our activities are minimized.

Our company's activities are already audited on a regular basis by these agencies, but we want to take it a step further and spread that we are comfortable with these measures and that we want to atomize them for each of our employees.