The Company

A Design + Furniture + Kitchen company

We have built tens of thousands of kitchens since 1999.

We've been building kitchen furniture since 1999. Since then, tens of thousands of kitchens have left our production factory to be installed in homes throughout the country.

Things have really changed since we first started out (you can see for yourself by looking at some of our old kitchen catalogues and promotional videos). As customers' lifestyles have evolved, so has the use of our products, and this is reflected in the way we operate today. Our company has witnessed drastic changes in the socioeconomic climate of the country, and this has definitely shaped INKO's knowledge, vision, and social responsibility policy, which is to be a benchmark in both kitchen design and business management.

We view our company as a living creature that is constantly evolving and adapting to the times. Our ultimate goal is to help make people's lives easier by combining beauty, design and function to create visually stunning and practical kitchen spaces.

With 140 employees working for INKO kitchens, we are proud to contribute to Spain's industrial sector and we are pleased with the work we have put in to get to this point.

We really hope you get to enjoy our kitchens.