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The pleasure of cooking, entertaining, creating, wowing and living in a kitchen with flexible floor plans and fluid lines. This kitchen artfully combines modern elements like stone, metal and wood to create a vast array of original and suggestive finishes.

Retractable doors

This straight line kitchen uses large storage cabinets, electrical appliances hidden by retractable doors and open shelving combinations that work as a substitute for tall units to create functional, elegant and practical spaces.

Retractable doors allow you to hide away electrical appliances, leaving more space to get creative in.

Carefully designed to make things simpler for you.

The cupboard doors are made of an aluminium frame and porcelain frontage, making them extremely solid and durable.

Push or Gola opening

Countless customisable solutions and two types of opening systems: door with a handleless push system and the Gola system. Both systems integrate seamlessly into the furniture designs. The Gola, with its subtle curvature, is particularly beautiful.

Space-saving shelves

This straight line kitchen model uses large storage cabinets, electrical appliances hidden by retractable doors and open shelving combinations that work as a substitute for tall units to create functional and elegant spaces.

Suspended stone furniture is possible here thanks to our secure purpose-designed fittings that are capable of supporting large weights.

Unreal illusions like "levitating" furniture become a reality, giving the interiors an ultra-modern look. The possibilities are endless, with the only limit being your imagination.

Finishes SMART


Finishes BAIKAL

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Acabados KERAM


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SMART surface is the result of years of research, bringing a new concept to smart surfaces. A flawless matte design with characteristics that make it unique. The possibilities of THERMOFORMING, the inclusion of curves at an affordable price, along with its ANTI-FINGERPRINT, HIGH-RESISTANCE, and ANTI-BACTERIAL properties make SMART the ideal finish for kitchens with infinite creative possibilities.

Series collections
Frame made of a 19 mm melamine board. The board consists of a high-density core made of 100% natural and ecological materials and two external layers made of microparticles, to provide maximum surface quality. Two-sided 8 mm melamine back.

All furniture parts are 1 mm PVC-edged on all four sides, including the bottoms (upper and lower parts), using PUR (Reactive Polyurethane) glue, instead of EVA hot melt adhesive, which provides greater sealing and strength to the frame. Adjustable shelves with hidden mechanised shelf supports. Endurance and anti-tip system.
Softclose series drawers in all our kitchen cabinets. Easy and comfortable opening system that doesn't stick, even in full drawers with inlay door handles.
Height-adjustable and highly resistant hidden legs. Available in 2 heights, 15 cm (adjustable from 13 to 19 cm) and 10 cm (adjustable from 10 to 13 cm). Certified Compression without deformation: 286kg/unit. (AIMME certificate no S-07-00455)
Soft close hinges.
Made of stainless steel with electrolytic bath, in Titanium finish.
With triple regulation and quick coupling system.
With decorative caps, both on the arm and on the cup.Certified for 80,000 opening cycles.
Through bolts used to secure furniture, in the same TITANIUM colour as our hinges, as well as adorning trim caps with the same titanium finish for hiding drill holes. Threaded woodscrews, also in our TITANIUM finish, are used to secure the front.
Option to use low consumption LED lighting for furniture and exteriors. All lighting is integrated into the furniture itself, making the entire installation considerably easier
Lighting can be controlled wirelessly and by the Alexa and Siri voice assitants.
Option to integrate a recycling system and waste management under the sink.
Range of colour finishes available
Push opening system
Gola opening system

We require our furniture board suppliers to be MFC certified to ensure they are environmentally friendly. The raw materials used to produce these boards are forest wood, industrial wood and recycled wood.

Batches of recycled wood undergo strict inspections for halogenated organic compounds upon receipt.

Chipboards do not contain halogen organic hardeners. Monitoring of wood and the boards made of said wood is carried out in specially designed environmental laboratories and is subject to monitoring by impartial external institutions. Our furniture boards do not contain active substances from wood preservatives above the approved concentration and comply with current chemical regulations. The formaldehyde content of Innovus MFC boards corresponds to emission class E1, as a general rule. CARB2/TSCA-quality productions are specially made to order.The Innovus MFC board coating is not hazardous; it is made out of decorative papers that have been coated in melamine resin. When pressed using pressure and heat, the previously condensed melamine resin dries completely and can no longer be dissolved in water or solvents. Only organic colouring pigments and titanium dioxide (TiO2) are used in the design of the white decorative items.


INKO is certified by the ISO14001 family of Environmental Management, which guarantees that we are actively committed to reducing the environmental impact of all our operations. The ISO14001 certification verifies that INKO carries out its operations minimising the generation of waste, as well as reducing our raw material consumption.

The certification verifies the firm's commitment to protecting and continuously improving the environment, as well as ensuring that the company makes a conscientious effort to protect the environment in all its operations, thanks to the implementation of our environmental management system.

The ISO 14001 certification corroborates INKO's compliance with environmental legislation and policies and ensures that the company will maintain, assess and modify environmental objectives in order to continuously improve our environmental policy.


All products manufactured by INKO are covered by a 5-year warranty.
This guarantee is subject to compliance with the following conditions:
That the products have been purchased or installed through an official INKO distributor.
That the products have not been modified or altered before, during or after delivery or installation.
That their intended use is that for which they have been manufactured.
In compliance with the guarantee of any manufacturing defect, in a period of 5 years, INKO will provide the materials that need replacing free of charge to the customer. This warranty does not cover labour, travel or other expenses incurred to make the replacements.