Five-year guarantee

Your kitchen has been designed and manufactured in keeping with the highest quality standards, so we are proud to say that you will enjoy it for many years. This is why it comes with a five-year guarantee, the conditions of which are explained further below.

Quality & Guarantee

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Muebles Incosur, SL (Inko Cocinas) located in Polígono Industrial La Trocha, Coín (Málaga) with cif B92083708, offers a warranty of its products for a period of 5 years from the invoice date, in the event of any defects in materials and/or manufacturing. Except in the case of electrical and electronic components that have a 3-year warranty.

This warranty is subject to compliance with the following conditions:
Please use and care for your kitchen properly in order to benefit from this warranty, always in keeping with the document “Recommendations for the use and maintenance of INKO kitchens”.
If the affected part is deemed defective, we will decide whether it should be repaired or replaced, based on an inspection by our own technicians or other parties authorised for this purpose. This does not include assembly by us, but through your distributor.
It excludes any liability for defective repairs, assembly or disassembly and transport of the product carried out by personnel not authorised by us.

We recommend having such services performed by our trained technical employees. Countertops (with the exception of laminate countertops supplied by the INKO brand), appliances and accessories not included in units, such as sinks, taps, etc., are excluded from this warranty.

Circumstances which void the warranty, without prejudice to the rights granted by the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, include:
-Any materials that have been altered for reasons beyond the brand's control.
-Variations in tone and grain on wooden doors due to their origin.
-Differences in colour or tone in the units if material is repaired or replaced.
-Due to unforeseeable events such as water leaks, floods, variations in tone caused by light, high temperatures, inappropriate humidity conditions, use of unsuitable cleaning products, natural wear, etc.
-Failure to follow the indications set out in the document “Recommendations for the use and maintenance of INKO kitchens”.

Register your kitchen

Once the installation is completed and your new kitchen is delivered, your distributor will hand you this box.Inside, you will find a complimentary gift from us, alongside a warranty document. In order to extend your warranty to seven years total (from our standard five years), it's important that you write down your new kitchen's ID and register your warranty with us.

* Order this box once your kitchen is delivered

Recommendations for the use and maintenance of Inko kitchens.


We recommend the use of liquid soap diluted in water for eco-friendly cleaning. Clean in the direction of the grain with a soft cloth. Refrain from scrubbing a specific point. In the event of stubborn dirt, use the product undiluted.

Wood surfaces should be cleaned with non-aggressive and non-abrasive products that do not contain alcohol or solvents that could affect the protective layer of varnish.


Do not use abrasive products that could scratch the surface. Do not use rough cloths or scourers that could scratch the surface.

Do not use wax-based or silicone-based products, as they may create 'halos' with a different brightness. Do not use cloths that are too wet.


Glass is highly resistant to stains and limescale, especially if it is polished glass. To remove dirt, use standard glass cleaners or detergents.


Do not use metal-based materials on the acid-etched surface, as this will leave marks due to the metal remnants getting into the microcavities of the glass and breaking the microscopic frosted look created by the acid treatment. This phenomenon is much more limited in smooth glass. Remember that glass is scratched by materials harder than it (diamonds, hard stones, ceramics, tiles, plates, etc.).

Hpl and Laminate

To clean laminate doors, use a soft cloth slightly dampened with a glass cleaning product.


Do not use aggressive products, powders or acid-based products that could affect the finish.

Do not use wax-based or silicone-based products, as they may create 'halos' with a different brightness.


Dust on surfaces:
Wipe clean with a soft, dust-free cloth. There is no need to apply pressure.

Normal cleaning:
Place a clean cloth in warm water and wring out. With the damp cloth, apply light pressure and wipe gently over the surfaces. Dry off with a soft, dry cloth.

Never try to clean all the kitchen units in one go, but instead focus on smaller areas, such as one or two doors.


Never use abrasive cleaners, as they may scratch the surface.

Never use cleaning products with solvents, such as nitrous thinners, acetone, nail polish remover or similar products, as they may leave marks and scratches.

Do not use rough cloths (such as thick linen tea towels, coarse-sewn mesh, etc.), as they may scratch the surface.


On very dirty surfaces:
On spots of grease, we recommend adding some mild household detergent to the water. Glass cleaning products also give good results.

Steam and heat sources:

Avoid excessive heat and continued contact with steam.

Our recommendations:
-Always cook with the extractor hood on, with the appropriate power for the amount of steam being released.
-Do not use steam cleaners.
-Do not open the dishwasher for thirty minutes after the end of the washing cycle.
-Do not leave the oven open after use for it to cool down faster.

Laminate countertops:
- Do not place items removed from heat directly onto the countertop. Make sure to use a countertop protector.
- Do not cut food with knives or sharp utensils on the surface. Make sure to use a chopping board to avoid scratches.
- Avoid direct contact with water, especially around joints and edges. If liquids are spilled, dry up immediately to avoid seepage.
- Do not use abrasive products for cleaning, as they will damage the finish. Use neutral detergents or alcohol, applied with a microfibre cloth.

Handles, recessed handles, plinths and other aluminium or steel parts:
- Do not use scourers, abrasive cream cleaners or substances that may damage the surface (avoid products that contain bleach or chlorine, as well as powdered detergents).
- Use a damp sponge or cloth dabbed with a neutral detergent and wipe clean in the direction of the satin finish. Then rinse and dry with a soft cloth.
- If there are dried-on stains, use alcohol diluted in water and then dry off with a cellulose cloth.


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